Enjoy viewing Femmes de Coeur Events which include The 2014 Let us Entertain You! event.
More recently, our High Tea and Fashion Show held at the lakeside Winter Park Racquet Club;  hosted by our own Jackie Littleford and Bebe's/Liz's of Winter Park.  


Tea & Fashion Show 2016

Let Us Entertain You! 2015





Let Us Entertain You! 2014

Richard Ortiz and Hannah Pickard

Let Us Entertain You! 2014 Celebrity Dance Challenge

Kristin Segal dancing with Mark Arnott

Antony Cortes dancing with Yadi Nieves

Dean Jasper dancing with Jennifer Ellio

Glenda Chauncy dancing with William Prop

Let Us Entertain You! 2014 Faculty Dance Challenge

Let Us Entertain You! 2013

Student volunteers

Dr. Cheryl Cicotti and Dr. Paula Pritcha

Emcee Dave Collins and Jenelle Taylor Au

Let Us Entertain You! 2013 Faculty Challenge

Madeline Sawin with Mark Arnott

Susan Chase with Tony Sterling

Carlos Ovalle and Mealanie SandvigCarlos

Bob Gessner with Jennifer Caminas
Let Us Entertain You! 2013 Celebrity Challenge

Dale Dees with Fayvin Duffy winner 2013

Dr. Richard Bocco and Cindie Marino

Cathy Bukaty and Stan Crady

Carolann Duncan with Eddie Rivera

Amy Moline with Stefan Maphis
Let Us Entertain You! 2012
Heart to Heart Gala

Let Us Entertain You! Winners

Let Us Entertain You! 2011

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